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Beautifully Designed

Our design philosophy is to make things as clean and simple as possible! No extra fluff here!

We believe that minimal design puts the focus on your images, not us!

Changing the World

For every single sale that comes through the Musea Store, 2% goes directly to to help solve the global water crisis. Your sales will help save lives, keep children safe and allow women to earn more money!

Total Control

Using the Musea Store for your online proofing puts you in control of your business. Run & end sales whenever you want. Unlimited photo uploads. Control when galleries end. Set your own pricing and marketing strategy!

Sales. Not Proofing.

The Musea Store is here to help you sell your work, not merely proof it! We want to get physical prints and products in your client’s homes. We believe that photographs shouldn’t live on hard drives!


At Musea we believe that the best way to view a print is not on a digital device, but in the form of a physical print. The experience of seeing, touching &¬†examining a tangible photograph is more sacred than flipping past it on your phone. Our mission is to help you get your work on your client’s walls….where they belong!

Start using the Musea Store!

Features & Pricing

The Musea Store is designed to sell your work through a clean interface, yet it’s still packed with a lot of great features!
  • Control of your own sales
  • Show clients what your products look like while they are shopping
  • Build your own price lists and charge whatever you want
  • Organize your images into sub-categories
  • Sell individual digital downloads
  • Bulk email marketing
  • Print credits
  • Works in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Works great on tablets
  • Unlimited image uploads and self-fulfill your orders!
We give you all of this with NO monthly fees. We only make money when you make money. Musea charges a 16% commission on all sales with 2% of every sale going directly to to help solve the global water crisis. Click below to see how the Musea Store can help you sell more prints!